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Donation Request

In an ongoing demonstration of the credit union philosophy “people helping people,” Lookout Credit Union supports charitable organizations in the communities where our members work and live. Lookout Credit Union receives many solicitations for donations, volunteer support, and community sponsorships. The following provides a guideline for how requests are considered. This assures that Lookout Credit Union’s charitable, financial resources are used in a way that best serves the membership. These guidelines will not cover every possible request, special need, or opportunity; therefore, Lookout Credit Union may make exceptions in granting contributions or community sponsorships.


Lookout Credit Union makes contributions to non-profit organizations that serve the communities in which the majority of our members and potential members work or live. In general, support is given to organizations that provide for the health, education, and welfare needs of our members and potential members.

Community Sponsorships

Lookout Credit Union will consider sponsorships to civic, recreational, or charity events, programs, and publications located within our member service area. As a sponsor, Lookout Credit Union expects to receive published advertising or public name recognition from the requesting organization or group.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Requests must be submitted on the Donation Request Application
  • Consideration for sponsorship will be based on funds availability
  • Requests from Lookout Credit Union members will be given priority
  • Donations may be money, property, services, or volunteer support
  • Solicitation on Lookout Credit Union property will not be permitted

Preference will be given to requests that:

  • Are located within the Credit Union’s branch and market areas
  • Reflect the mission and core values of Lookout Credit Union
  • Relevant to the majority of members
  • Fulfill a relevant need and benefit the community at large

We will not consider requests for the following:

  • Operating or administrative costs to run an organization or business
  • The promotion of any religious or political organizations or events
  • Organizations who represent a conflict of interest to the Credit Union
  • Individual sponsorship of sports activities or beauty pageants, including travel and competition costs
  • Direct contributions to individuals or families in need