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Quicken | Quickbooks

Quicken & Quickbooks Access

Quicken and QuickBooks can help you take money management to the next level. Lookout Credit Union offers Quicken Direct Connect to easily manage your Lookout accounts.

What are Quicken and QuickBooks?

  • Quicken is a financial management tool that allows users to create budgets, set plans to reduce debt, manage investments, and much more 
  • QuickBooks is a financial management and accounting service designed primarily for small- and medium-sized businesses, though it can be used to manage personal accounts, as well

Benefits include:

  • No manual data entry – You can download/sync your account details for use in Quicken 
  • Automatic data reconciliation – Complete transaction and balance information makes account reconciliation easy
  • No duplicate transactions – A special transaction matching algorithm prevents duplicate transactions

You have the option to set up Direct Connection to Quicken via our digital banking platform

Download Process

Under your transaction history in digital banking, select "Download" and the below screen will pop up with your Quicken and Quickbook download options:



Take control of your finances today!