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Vehicle Loans

Table data for Auto Loan Rates
 Effective 07-24-2024
Term Annual Percentage Rate (APR)1 Alert Me
60 month 8.74% Receive a notification when this rate changes
72 month 8.99% Receive a notification when this rate changes
84 months2 9.74% Receive a notification when this rate changes
  • 1Annual Percentage Rate (APR). .25% discount for top tier credit scores. Certain restrictions apply and rates may change. The "as low as" APR includes the 0.25% discount for those members that meet the Rewards Checking monthly qualification cycle parameters and have auto-pay set up from their Rewards Checking account. Members must keep the automatic payment active and have a qualifying Rewards Plus Checking to keep the discount. If the automatic payment is discontinued, or if the Rewards Plus Checking is considered “non-qualifying” for more than 60 days, the loan discount will be removed, and the payment may increase to reflect the change in interest rate. Lookout Credit Union attempts to update rates immediately whenever a change occurs; however, the listed rates are not guaranteed accurate. For more information on Vehicle Loans please call (208) 235-7100.
  • 2No Untitled Vehicles. New vehicle rates apply only to vehicles titled for the first time and rates are available to members on approved credit. Rates quoted are for top tier FICO scores.