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Ranger Volunteer Program Success in 2023


Lookout Credit Union is passionate about making a difference in the communities they serve by empowering their members with financial knowledge and supporting the growth and prosperity of Southeastern Idaho. From donations and sponsorships to hands-on volunteer work, Lookout Credit Union is committed to making a difference by fostering mindful action and compassion. 

One of the ways Lookout Credit Union demonstrates this commitment is through its Ranger (employee volunteer) program. This program encourages Lookout Credit Union employees to get involved in a wide range of community volunteer initiatives, from feeding the hungry, animal welfare, city-wide clean-up events and more. In 2023, the Rangers at Lookout Credit Union truly went above and beyond, by setting a new record with an impressive 100,260 minutes or 1,671 hours of volunteer time. 

With continued tremendous success the Community Ranger program rolled out in 2022 by Lookout Credit Union, as a community extension of their Ranger program, has become a staple for kids, teenagers, and parents all eager to get involved and make a difference in their communities. To accommodate families, the credit union has a junior and adult category to the program, allowing adults to bring their children (age 8+) along to experience the joy of volunteering. In 2023, the Community Rangers contributed over 92 hours of volunteer time, and as a token of appreciation, the credit union gave away two E-bikes in early 2024 - one for the junior category and one for the adult category. 

Through the Ranger Program, Lookout Credit Union can work towards improving the experiences of its members by supporting the growth and progress of the community. The Ranger Program was established with the goal of creating positive change in Idaho and the inclusion of the Community Rangers has allowed the credit union to further demonstrate Lookout’s commitment to making a difference by fostering mindful action and compassion. Lookout Credit Union is excited to see what the future holds and looks forward to what the year 2024 has in store.

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